A reading does not provide you a quick fix to your problems – You’re responsible for your life decisions and are the active participant and decision maker in your life.

I am not qualified to give you medical  or financial advice - If you need to seek the services of a professional – please do so.
All Readings are done on a first paid first read basis. All payments must first be fully processed for the payment to be accepted and the reading schedule to be confirmed

Your email and phone number will remain private and only be used in conjunction with the paid reading, i.e. I do not sell to reseller lists etc
There are no refunds granted for any reading be it in partial or otherwise.  At the same time,  I’m not a professional timekeeper and will not simply cut you off when the reading duration has been reached.  I try to give an approximate 5 minute warning to provide the opportunity to extend the reading  and always leave some time to ask specific questions.

Terms of Service and Disclaimer

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing services you acknowledge and understand terms of service. The contents received in the reading are an expression of opinions, impressions and not professional advice. You are at least 18 years of age and solely responsible for the use of any of the content in the reading and hold Beth MacArthur and all affiliates harmless of any event, liability or claim or expense. Payment of reading is acknowledgment of having read this disclaimer and fully understanding all parts here within. Readings are payable at the time of booking, with no refunds granted, either partial or otherwise. You will not copy any part of this site content without written permission from the owner.

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