Welcome to Guided Gateways. Many people ask the meaning behind "Guided Gateways". A gateway is a transition point or doorway from one area to the next. I think of our lives as having many gateways along our path. Sometimes we feel as if all the doors are closed when in fact we have simply haven't found the key to unlock our possibilities and dreams. Are you ready to live life to your fullest potential? Let me guide you through the gateways in your life. Contact me to arrange an appointment!


I believe each person has a unique life path lesson to experience. This life path leads us to many "gateways" or decision points that determine our course and direction. I am able to read your vibration and energy to provide you confirmation and evidence of the issues in which you are presently involved. I then provide you insight as to future challenges and options.

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Beth is absolutely the very best! Fast, accurate, loving and sincere. She picked up on things I've never told anyone!

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